All our products 100% healthy
100% made in France

Pioneer of the made in France in the diapers, the hygiene, JOONE now offers a complete range for baby made in France with ingredients of the best quality. From our diapers to our boxes, discover the whole range of JOONE products to live your everyday life with transparency.


Our liniment contains 6 ingredients, not one more. Ideal for cleaning the baby's bottom.

Diapers + wipes Subscription

Diaper # 1 with its biodegradable wipes. Delivered directly to your home.

Hair & Body Wash

It cleans the body and hair without stinging the eyes and will also make beautiful bubbles of foam.

Diapers Subscription


Diaper #1.

Delivered directly to your home.

The Birth box

Un coffret de basiques parfaits pour le jour de l'accouchement !  

The Maternity box

Notre gamme entière dans ce coffret ultra-complet pour un séjour 100% serein à la maternité.

The Simplicity box

Pour découvrir nos couches #1 et nos lingettes biodégradables sans abonnement.

Body Lotion

Le cocon de douceur pour la peau avec une odeur à croquer. Pour les petits et les grands.

Diapers + babycare + wipes Subscription

Notre abonnement le plus complet avec couches + lingettes + soin.  

Micellar cleansing water

Elle nettoie sans paraben, ni phénoxyéthanol, ni colorant. C'est grâce à ses ingrédients à 99% d'origine naturelle.

The Soft box

Découvrez nos couches #1 et notre gamme cosmétique dans ce coffret smart à prix tout doux.

When we launched our collection of made in France diapers with complete transparency, many parents asked us to develop more hygienic products for their babies and young children.

JOONE is committed to its parent community by providing an extensive range of babycare products, hygiene and textile, always keeping its made in France and transparency commitments.

Your time as a young parent is far too valuable to be spending it looking for information that should be accessible in just one click.

Thanks to JOONE, this is now possible.