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Promoting transparency
since 2017

At JOONE, we have decided to focus on transparency and give you access to all information regarding our diapers. This means you can decide for yourself in complete confidence. You'll know everything there is to know about the JOONE diaper but also the different components that go into making a JOONE Diaper.

Our diaper is made of…

We'll tell you everything about the different components that make up our diapers! You'll soon see how JOONE diapers are so hygienic but also effective.

The Backsheet

The outer envelope on which are printed our pretty prints is a polyethylene with a very light weave which lets the skin breathe as much as possible. It's then covered with a hydrophilic non-woven web to give a very soft appearance and then cut into rolls. It's made in Picardy in a factory know for high quality confections. The ink we use for out Prints is solvent-free.

The fluff

Our cushion is made of fluff, i. e. cellulose from trees, whitened with oxygen and T.C.F guaranteed. Although it's not cotton, it's very soft. We're in the process of passing our certification for our cellulose. It takes between 12 and 18 months to get a certification so be patient: -) We were asked if our diapers are vegan... And the answer is yes, simply because trees do not eat living things.

The absorbent

The absorbent we use is called SAP and is used by all diaper manufacturers around the world. It's a synthetic component that comes from Germany. It's the only material in the world that can absorb up to 150 times its weight! We have developed a unique technology that wraps the SAP with several layers of synthetic non-woven fibers which creates a strong protective barrier while still maintaining absorption and protection against odors. SAP is not organic compound, so our diaper is not organic or recyclable. We must remind you, no diaper is organic because all disposable diapers contain SAP.


SAP is neither toxic nor dangerous to children. Our weaving makes it possible to better distribute urine throughout the entire diaper and thus to diffuse the reaction of the SAP, avoiding any "package" condensed in the diaper once the SAP has reacted to the urine. That's also why our diapers are not the thinnest on the market: it's to better protect your baby's buttocks with twice as much fluff as SAP.

Everything are diapers are not made of!

It's common practice in the industry to make long lists of products that could not, technically, be present in diapers because they were long banned by the EU, like parabens or phtalates, banned since May 2011 and September 2014).

According to the law, but above all according to our ethical standards and because we want to provide your children with he most hygienic diaper: Our diaper does not contain any chlorine or latex, lotion or perfume, phthalates, endocrine disrupters, parabens or organotins and no pesticides. JOONE has been the first diaper brand in the world to publish the results of its toxicological studies, which was carried out by an independent laboratory.


Understand what you're paying for

Most manufacturers sell through distributors (supermarkets, pharmacies, etc.) which sometimes take a very large margin on the products you buy, without being transparent about their margins.

We chose to invest on the quality of our products, not to subsidize the retailers' margins.