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A range of baby textile made in France

The Swaddle


Baby's buttocks will never feel the cold with our icey floe of cotton from our swaddle.

The Bathrobe


An innovation for the bath. A very soft robe with two safety pockets for better grip on your baby.

Transparency is
the bio of tomorrow

Because the textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world, JOONE now offers a range of baby clothes made in France. Based on a double cotton gauze woven and printed in France, JOONE manufactures cotton swaddles and a bathrobe in the colours of the JOONE collections, in its Parisian workshops .

Finally know where and how the textiles are made that will come into contact with baby's skin all day long.

Our desire to extend the "made in France" label and transparency goes beyond hygiene products and dermo-cosmetics. We want to push our love of high standard and meticulous approach to quality with our collection of baby clothes.

Woven, printed and sewn in France, JOONE double cotton gauze is one of the cleanest textiles on the market. Complete traceability in regards to our raw materials, the inks we use for printing the way we treat our fabric entirely made in France allows us to offer our community of parents a very a very higienic range of baby clothes.

Local textile productions should not be reserved to luxury brands, but available to all parents that want to offer their children quality textile guaranteed with no harmful treatments and produced in workshops by qualified employees.

Thanks to JOONE, it's now possible.