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# LaFrancedeJoone

Each product has a history.

From the diaper to the wipes, to our cardboard boxes and dermocosmetics, we want to show you everything. We look for the best French factories,  and develop the most hygienic products with our partners .

Just for you.


Find on our map the different points of French manufacturing of all our products: our super hygienic #1 diapers, our dermo-cosmetic organic certified by ECOCERT, our biodegradable wipes, and and our baby clothes.


The production factory of our diapers

Located in the Vosges, the factory that produces our French diapers is one of the few remaining independent manufacturers in France. A family business managed by a by a brillant duo of mother and son, the factory is now specialized in the diaper and actively contributes to the local economy by employing many subcontractors from the Vosges basin.

The men and women of this company do not only manufacture our made in France diapers, they are real partners who share our values of excellence and our ambition: to manufacture hygienic products in France while contributing to the dynamism of the French economy.


The factory that manufactures our liniment

Our liniment is produced in France, more precisely in Brittany by a family group led by two brothers who share our concern for hygienic products.

With an international presence, the laboratory has a recognized expertise in the world of babycare and natural cosmetics for many years.

It was important for us to work alongside a laboratory using state-of-the-art tools and perfectly meeting quality requirements. We have therefore worked hand in hand, as true partners, to produce 100% hygienic liniment in France.


Our logistics warehouse

It was important to us that the circuit of our diaper be as short as possible. This is the reason why we have chosen a logistics centre in the Lille region with specific know-how in e-commerce. Each customer's orders are processed individually and each JOONE carton is handmade before reaching its distribution centre.

Our logistics centre, which has warehouses in France and Belgium, also contributes to the excellence of our customer service by always striving to offer the best experience to our customers, thus allowing our orders to reach their destination within 48 hours. Present for fifteen years in the e-commerce sector which it has very largely contributed to developing, our logistics partner is an essential diaper in the Nord Pas de Calais region by making a strong contribution from an economic but also a social point of view.


Our cardboard box maker

We were committed to shipping our diapers in cardboard boxes made in France that respect both JOONE's graphic charter and our environmental commitments. Our cardboards are recyclable and manufactured mainly from recycled paper. Located in the Lille region, not far from our logistics warehouse, the factory that manufactures them is a family business created more than a century ago! It produces nearly 3500 tons of cardboard and reprocesses 100% of its waste. The plant also has a treatment process that allows it to discharge quality water without any danger to the environment.