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Celebrate the beauty of life

Promoting transparency since 2017, JOONE is committed to providing the most hygienic diapers made from ultra-clean materials, with certified organic cosmetics and stylish textiles. Made in France, and delivered to your home every month.



Thanks to its extremely hygenic composition and high performance, the JOONE diaper takes 1st place for best diaper in the 2018 ranking, voted by 60 Millions de Consommateurs (French Magazine) .

Guaranteed without endocrine disruptors, glyphosate and pesticide, no chlorine, latex, lotion or perfume, the JOONE diaper matches our very high standards..

Grâce à sa composition hyper saine et ses super-performances, la couche JOONE est arrivée en 1ère position du classement 2018 des meilleures couches bébés par 60 Millions de Consommateurs. Vous pouvez télécharger ici les analyses de nos couches.

Garantie sans perturbateur endocrinien, glyphosate et pesticide, aucun chlore, latex, lotion ni parfum, la couche JOONE répond aux standards très exigeants que nous nous sommes fixés.

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Clean Babycare

To support you in your everyday life, JOONE offers 100% healthy, certified organic and made in France cosmetic products based on ingredients of more than 99% natural origin.

Our products are specifically developed for delicate skin, so they do not contain paraben or phenoxyethanol and are dermatologically tested.

Pour vous accompagner dans votre quotidien, JOONE propose des produits cosmétiques 100% sains, certifiés biologiques et fabriqués en France à base d’ingrédients de plus de 99% d’origine naturelle.

Nos produits sont spécifiquement développés pour les peaux délicates, ils ne contiennent ainsi ni paraben, ni phénoxyéthanol et sont testés dermatologiquement.

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« From the start, we have been committed to ensuring that all information regarding Joone diapers is fully and transparently communicated to parents. »

Carole Juge-Llewellyn, Founder of Joone


Bundle of JOONE

Manufactured in France and delivered directly to your home, all JOONE products guarantee a low carbon impact thanks to a super short circuit. Directly from us to you because we don't go through the traditional retail channels.


Ethical textile

Your baby and your JOONE will grow as one. We will always be here to assist you throughout your experience with us.

« We created JOONE to make simple, hygienic products that we would be proud to share with our community of parents. »

Carole Juge-Llewellyn, Founder of Joone