Training Pants

Training Pants


Our premium diaper.

Made with the highest quality raw materials, sourced responsibly and tracked for complete transparency from sourcing to shipping.

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Pack of 30 pants (size 4) or 28 pants (size 5) or 26 pants (size 6)


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Training pants developed in Paris and manufactured in Denmark
Very hygienic materials, tested by an independent laboratory


  • TCF cellulose whitened with chlorine-free oxygen, 100% biodegradable, Our cellulose comes from Finnish forests which are FSC® certified
  • superabsorbent beads called sodium depolyacrylate embedded in cellulose. It's a non-toxic synthetic material that can absorb up to 200 times its weight in liquid,
  • a double inner fleece made from non-woven fabric, synthetic polyester and polyethylene fibres,
  • a breathable backsheet printed with water-based ink covered with a hydrophilic non-woven web. The ink we use for our Prints is solvent-free.
  • latex-free elastics made from elastane,
  • a scratch receiver to close the diaper.
  • a top sheet made of PE/PLA, a bioplastic made from 100% of natural sugar cane and corn.
  • a very flexible polypropylene / polyethylene belt.

List of toxic products that you will never find in a JOONE pant :

  • chlorine bleach
  • lotion
  • perfume
  • latex
  • endocrine disruptor

To choose the best size for your baby, please refer to your baby’s weight.

Size 4 is best from 13 to 30 pounds (7 to 14 kilos)

Size 5 is best from 22 to 39 pounds (10 to 18 kilos)

Size 6 is best from 35 to 66 pounds (16 to 30 kilos)

Not sure which size is best ? Order our our size samples to try the different sizes and check out our latest prints.