The Perfect Diaper Cake

The Perfect Diaper Cake

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Thanks to our magnificent coloured diapers and unique design, the JOONE diaper cake takes standards to a whole new level!
Available in kit form with all accessories delivered to your home anywhere in the world in medium or large.
This fabulous diaper cake will delight future parents or young parents at baby-showers or birthdays.

The kit includes:
— a golden base,
— a central tube and its adhesive,
— white silicone elastics,
— string and the 3 coloured ribbons, corresponding to the chosen Print,
— a clear and simple tutorial,
— and of course our diapers!

Your diaper cake will be delivered with a video editing tutorial and a guide to make your diaper cake a hit every time.
A very nice activity to do with friends in preparation for the baby shower!

Are you preparing a babyshower for your best friend? Decorate your reception area with this beautiful and chic layer cake in the colors of our different collections. This innovative birth gift will delight pregnant moms during their pregnancy and will allow you to discover our top # 1 diapers at the top of the rankings of the 60 Million Consumer Consumers study from September 2018. The confidence of the parent community in our babycare is our greatest achievement. We are proud to accompany every day with our range of healthy diapers, our baby wipe and our baby toiletries.